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Life is all about growing, learning, and mastering skills. That’s what I do and I’m all in.


I am proud to showcase my portfolio and creative thought process, which is characterized by my ability to think outside the box, approach challenges from multiple perspectives, and come up with innovative outcomes.


I excel at collaborating effectively with diverse teams to achieve shared goals and create impactful work. My body of work includes several notable projects that showcase my range of skills, from designing compelling visual content to crafting persuasive written narratives. 

I love exploring the interconnection of film, photography, and the written word. While each powerful on its own, together they create a blended, well-rounded experience that pulls in the viewer. When you read a book and then watch its movie adaptation, you can maintain your own interpretation of the work while stepping into someone else’s. Through these mediums, anyone can find a message that inspires and impacts their world. That’s powerful.


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Creative Writing


I fell in love with filmmaking for its ability to convey information in a way that speaks directly to people’s hearts. Filmmaking is an opportunity to create a story as I visualize it and all of its possibilities.


I’ve always been told to create a picture of the words I read, to construct a visual world in my mind, and make the words come to life. Writing is an opportunity to put down on paper the stories I see in my mind.


My approach to photography is entrenched in preserving moments in time and sharing them with others. While I am firmly rooted in the present, photography allows me to extend and preserve moments from the past.

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