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My passion is creating engaging experiences by applying creativity, storytelling, and technical skills to film editing. Dramatic editing formats and special effects are evolving so quickly and that adds to the enrichment of the viewing experience. I take pride in my technical capabilities, as well as my ability to brainstorm and pitch ideas for how a story should play out in a highly collaborative workspace. My curiosity, expat life, and travel experiences inform my imagination and creative expression skills. I love to roll up my sleeves and dive into new projects. When I’m not editing or writing, you can find me on a board. That is skateboarding, wakeboarding, slalom skiing or snowboarding. I also have a profound love for cooking.

Gabby Castle's Headshot - Hello


Check out my portfolio to find creative thinking and non-stereotypical outcomes.

This portfolio showcases my dedication to exploring unique and unconventional solutions through creative thinking. I strive to produce outcomes that break away from traditional stereotypes and offer fresh perspectives.


I’d love to hear from you!

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